Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If a Research 2000 exit poll is accurate, there were actually enough voters in Massachusetts yesterday who were angry about the health care bill from the left to ... um, elect Scott Brown. Whose election ... um ... virtually guarantees that nothing whatsoever, left, center, or right, will now be done on health care at all.

Excellent work, folks:

... the firm discovered that 18 percent of Obama backers who voted in the Senate race ended up casting ballots for Brown.

Of that group, 82 percent said they favored a public option for insurance coverage, with 14 percent opposed....

If 18% of Obama supporters went for Brown and 82% of those wanted a stronger bill, that means 14.8% of Obama supporters who went to the polls cast a vote for a wingnut tea party champ despite a left-wing view on health care. If Obama voters made up a mere half of the electorate -- which has to be an underestimate -- that's more than 7% of the overall electorate picking Brown despite holding progressive views ... and 7% is more than Brown's margin of victory.

If you think Senator-elect Brown will show his gratitude to the people who actually elected him by working to strengthen the health care bill, I've got a fire, a dog, and a lake I'd like to sell you.

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