Wednesday, September 23, 2009


An event you probably missed over the weekend:

The Independent Women's Forum reports that its "About Our Children" event was a success.

The About Our Children town hall event was a collaboration of the Independent Women's Forum and MSNBC. The event aired Sunday night and featured entertainer Dr. Bill Cosby....

Yup -- the allegedly lefty/liberal/commie propaganda outfit MSNBC collaborated on this forum with the IWF.

You remember the Independent Women's Forum -- a group that produced an anti-health reform ad about breast cancer that called "a false appeal to women's fears" fgor its outdated statistics, bad math, and willful misrepresentation of health-reform proposals. Joe Klein called an IWF fund-raising letter -- "More American women are going to die of breast cancer if you and I surrender to President Obama's nationalized healthcare onslaught. It's as simple as that." -- "despicable" and "lower than dirt."

Founded in the early 1990s, IWF was an outgrowth of the ad hoc organization Women for Judge Thomas. It once shared a president with Americans for Prosperity, one of the main organizations behind the tea party movement. It has fought legislation that seeks to protect women from violence.

Wake me when a forum organized by a lefty or genuinely feminist organization is cosponsored and broadcast by Fox News.

(Via Right Wing Watch.)

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