Tuesday, September 29, 2009


He's a hardworking entrepreneur who's had it up to here with Barack Obama's policies. In fact, he's so tired of Obama that he's put up the Obama Joker poster on the wall of his small business.

So why isn't he the toast of Fox News? Why isn't Michelle Malkin singing his praises? Why aren't Drudge and Power Line and RedState declaring him a hero?

Hmmm, let's see:

The Virginia NAACP called it an abomination and a sign of disrespect. The owner of a downtown Richmond strip club called it exercising his right to free speech.

About three dozen people attended a lunchtime protest yesterday outside Velvet, where a new banner on one of the exterior walls depicts President Barack Obama as the Joker of "Batman" movie fame.

The banner was unfurled over the weekend by club owner Samuel J.T. Moore III and overlooks a busy intersection outside his business at 15th and East Main streets....

Yup, there's your ideological soul mate, righties: a strip club owner. And not just any strip club owner:

Last year, Moore was convicted of three misdemeanor charges related to having sex with a minor and another female at his apartment above the club, and filming it illegally.

Gosh, it's your own Polanski. He's even sort of an auteur.

Politics aside, I'm sure this will be great for the strip-club business. I know nothing says "sexual arousal" to me more than a picture of a disfigured guy in clown makeup.

I find this image idiotic but, as I've said in the past, I don't see it as racist. It's an image of a black man in whiteface that parodies an image of a white man in whiteface. In any case, it's protected expression under the First Amendment -- but then again, so is making a CD of flatulence.

Whether or not the sign is racist, the Freepers sure are reacting to it in a racist way:

This "magic negro" has set race relations back 30 years.
I know I trust blacks a little less after this marxist ass clown.


They voted for Obama for two reasons.

1. He’s perceived as black

2. He promised to use the government to take money from whitey and give it to them.


I personally will look at ALL blacks as quota boys after this p.o.s.


I have met Blacks who absolutely believe that it is illegal, i.e., against the law, to criticize Obama. This shows their penchant for totalitarianism as well as their expectation to be coddled and pampered by Whitey.

They are not used to being treated as equals.

Enough. I usually have a high tolerance for the bloviations of the bottom-feeders, but this is even getting to me.

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