Friday, September 25, 2009


The FBI has apparently disrupted a terror plot centered on Najibullah Zazi of Colorado; it conducted a sting operation that led to the arrest yesterday of a man charged with attempting to blow up a Dallas skyscraper; and it conducted another sting that led to the arrest of a Muslim convert (and apparent admirer of John Walker Lindh) in Illinois who allegedly tried to detonate what he believed was a bomb outside a federal courthouse.

Odd that this is all happening while we supposedly have a president who loves our enemies and hates America.

No, really -- why didn't B. Hussein Osama, pinko commie and bestest friend of domestic terrorists, order the FBI to stop pursuing these cases? Wouldn't that just follow logically? For a man dedicated to the destruction of America, wouldn't allowing the pursuit of these cases fly in the face of everything he holds dear?

Isn't it high time we demanded an explanation of this apparent contradiction from those who literally believe Obama is a treasonous America-hater? I don't just mean teabaggers or Beck or Limbaugh -- I mean "respectable" people like barking lunatic Michael Ledeen ("I think that [Obama] rather likes tyrants and dislikes America").

But I suppose that, for them, all that treason talk is like the verbal nastiness in sexual sadomasochism -- we're supposed to just know that they don't really mean it and it's all posturing and playacting; surely there's a "safe word" that can be uttered before someone takes it all too literally and decides Obama is a genuine menace to the Republic who's earned a bullet in the head. (See, e.g., John McCain, who gets a lot of credit for ultimately acknowledging Obama's patriotism on the campaign trail, even though he did so only after tolerating and encouraging the build-up of a hell of a lot of rage based on fantasies.) It's all theater; it's all sport. All fun and games -- until what?

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