Monday, September 28, 2009


Word clearly went out in Wingnuttia last night and this morning that the story righties were supposed to bump up to the top of the charts today was Drudge's "FOX-TV CHICAGO ORDERED NOT TO RUN ANTI-OLYMPICS STORY" (which turns out to be a highly inaccurate headline, given the fact that the story in question actually was run by the Fox affiliate -- it just wasn't run again -- and the decision not to air the story again was made by the station's news director, not any Obama-linked Chicago "thug").

But OK, I'll bite. Let's say someone "thuggish" actually did pressure the Fox station not to air the story again. And let's say the news director complied out of a well-placed fear.

Well, funny how that doesn't seem to have happened at any non-Fox station.

Funny how no "thug" ever pressured Chicago's ABC affiliate not to air this three-part report, which contains a fair amount of skepticism about Chicago's Olympic bid:

...concern about cost continues.

"I would never bankrupt the city of Chicago," Chicago's Mayor Daley said.

Anti-Olympics groups like to point out Vancouver's politicians made the same pledge for the 2010 Winter Games.

And funny how no one pressured the ABC affiliate not to do the story "Group Argues Against Chicago's Olympic Bid" a few months ago.

Funny how no one pressured WGN-TV in Chicago not to run a poll story titled "Chicago Support for 2016 Bid Fades." Or pressured the CBS affiliate not to run "IOC Report Finds Problems In Chicago 2016 Plan" or, last year, "Activists: Chicago Doesn't Deserve 2016 Olympics." Funny how the NBC station in Chicago still has "Chicagoans Back the Bid ... for Rio" up on its Web site -- essentially the same story allegedly "banned" at Fox.

For thugs, these fearsome Obama-backed censors sure rule with something less than an iron fist.

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