Tuesday, September 22, 2009


At Lucianne.com right now:

I don't think you'd post this even half-seriously if you didn't genuinely believe that Everyone In America Is Talking about the damn ACORN videos. Seriously, kids? We're not. It was a one- or two-day story for most of America, of no more moment than Susan Boyle or some anesthesia'd-out kid on YouTube. There may be a bit more political fallout, but here in Non-Wingnuttia nobody can see how this story affects our lives or why we should give it a second thought. (And we're utterly indifferent to this NEA thing.)

Why the hell we've allowed delusional, self-regarding, circle-jerking wingnuts who think like this to hijack the vast majority of our political discourse for several decades, I can't explain.

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