Thursday, September 10, 2009


Just a reminder that much of the wingnuttosphere is going to pivot tomorrow from hating Barack Obama because of health care to hating him because he's allegedly "rebranding" 9/11. The link to recent events in this case is Van Jones, as Free Republic's Kristinn points out:

Matthew Vadum recently reported that Barack Obama was operating under the radar to subvert observances of the anniversary of the September 11 attacks by using anti-American leftists Van Jones and Lennox Yearwood to hijack the day with a radical environmental agenda under the guise of Green the Block, a joint project of their respective groups Green for All and the Hip Hop Caucus.

The links are American Spectator posts by Vadum that are rife with conspiracy-mongering paranoia (sample sentence: "Jones was also on the board of the Apollo Alliance, a hard-left environmentalist group that is now running large chunks of the Obama administration." It is? Really?) Kristinn's post goes on to link online flyers for various Green the Block events, which promote such radical desecrations of America as:

* collecting bottles and cans for recycling
* helping to plant a church vegetable garden

and, most egregiously,

* removing hardened gum from L.A. sidewalks

(Apparently, if we clean the gum from the sidewalks of our cities, the terrorists have won.)

Given that this is an effort to bring the environmental message to urban communities and many of the participants in these events will be, um, y'know, not exactly white, Kristinn makes sure to highlight such terrifying, patriotism-destroying event items as "Musical performances, food and other fun activities for the entire family." (You know what they're talking about -- that kind of music.)

Of course, no one on the right has ever even dreamed of putting a wingnut stamp on 9/11 -- not, say, Glenn Beck with his 912 Project and not Sean Hannity with his "Freedom Concerts," like the one that took place in New Jersey in 2007 and featured (in addition to musical performers like Lee Greenwood) such apolitical guests as (a scarily thin) Ann Coulter...

... Rudy Giuliani and the arch-racist talk show host Bob Grant ...

...and impersonators of George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton doing a charming routine:

"BUSH": ... I got women trouble, too. That's right -- the twins. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Talk about your big chill -- those are two real ice queens, I mean it. I like to refer to them as "the prickly pair," you know. They're both thorns in my side, and together they form the Cactus of Evil.

Speak of the d-- uh, senator.... I'm surprised you'd want to come over here, you know, what with you applying to become the White House washwoman.

"CLINTON": I don't want to be a washwoman! All I said is it's time to do a little cleaning in the presidential office -- you know, grab the mops and grab the brooms--

"BUSH": I'm not gonna think about you having a mop -- but you having a broom doesn't surprise me one bit.

You'll see from the video that this troop-honoring, apolitical event was co-sponsored by Take Back New Jersey, an anti-tax group that was a project of Americans for Prosperity, an industry-funded group recently behind tea parties and opposition to health-care reform.

Which is just what the three thousand dead on 9/11 would have wanted, right?

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