Saturday, September 05, 2009


Aimai's here, but I'm having some computer problems. It's possible I'm dealing with a service provider issue, but if not, I won't be back until Monday night. (I'm typing this at a library.)

Meanwhile, what the hell is wrong with the Obama administration? You have a low-level appointee who's turned out to be an embarrassment and you have the ideal moment to cut him loose -- late Friday before a three-day weekend -- and you prolong the agony? Sorry -- I'm a lefty, but two notions heard frequently on the left that I have no patience for are trutherism and the saintliness of Mumia. Jones's association with the truthers ought to have been enough to get him canned, but now we learn he's two for two. Give him the hook. Now. There is no upside to keeping him on another second.


UPDATE: The connection I'm on now is really hit or miss, but I'll get this in while I can -- this is what I'm talking about with regard to Mumia.

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