Friday, September 11, 2009


When I see the popular T-shirts...

...and the mobs enjoying the new catchphrase ...

At the kickoff today to this weekend's big anti-health care reform rallies in Washington, D.C., FreedomWorks chairman Dick Armey defended Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), saying, "Cut Mr. Wilson a little slack."

... The crowd of 800 reportedly chanted "You lie! You lie!" at several points during today's rally, held outside the Capitol. They weren't calling out the event's speakers, which included several Republican members of Congress, but rallying around Wilson.

... you know who I feel sorry for?

The poor bastard who did this:

That schmuck's fifteen minutes of fame as a rabble-rouser for knuckle-draggers are so over.

Every third sign at Glenn Beck's little series of Nuremberg rallies this weekend is going to be a "YOU LIE!" sign. And it could have been the Joker.


Oh, and by the way, since Wilson is walking back his walkback of the outburst on Wednesday night, and is now going full metal wingnut ("I will not be muzzled"), I take back what I said about not punishing him further. As far as I'm concerned, go right ahead and censure him ... realizing, of course, that he's going to campaign on that, too, as a whiny little alleged victim of the Obama Fascist Speech Police (as if his workplace, the House chamber, isn't allowed to have rules of conduct like virtually every other workplace in America).


(And yes, grammar police, I know -- it should be "whom I feel sorry for." UPDATE: Or, as noted in comments, "for whom I feel sorry.")

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