Thursday, September 03, 2009


This is simply shocking. No wonder right-wingers are so upset. And, according to the Caucus blog at The New York Times, sinister Pied Pipers from ACORN have taped similar spots at the White House's request.

...No, wait, it's not ACORN -- it's NASCAR. Sorry. I knew it was some sort of acronym.


And do you know what the administration is calling the "community service" organization the president wants kids to join? The "USA Freedom Corps"! That's right -- "Corps"! It's a civilian fascist army! You don't believe me? It's right there on the section of the White House Web site specifically dedicated to children!

... No, wait -- it's on the archived Bush administration White House site for children (click to enlarge).

It was Bush, so there was no indoctrination going on there, no sirree. Nor was there any indoctrination going on when -- at a time when the White House was trying to brand Bush's foreign policy with the name "Freedom Agenda" -- the White House kids' site offered a "freedom timeline" that attempted to link the "American Response to Terrorism" to stories about U.S. history touchstones such as the Underground Railroad, the Statue of Liberty, the March of Dimes, and the Berlin Airlift. This was accompanied by teachers' and parents' guides that included the following:

* The class will identify the characteristics associated with each story, such as diplomacy, intelligence, liberty, giving and humanitarian aid.

Extension Activity One
The teacher will lead the class in discussing these characteristics and how they relate to today's efforts to preserve freedom.

"How they relate to today's efforts to preserve freedom"? No indoctrination intended whatsoever! Obama's fascist-communist "stay in school" message is simply an unprecedented example of presidential propaganda aimed at youth!

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