Monday, May 14, 2007

Well, this World Net Daily article is mildly amusing because it's by Chuck Norris -- but what's bizarre is the notion that there is a reasonably large readership ready to believe that atheists in America could rise up and actually make Christianity illegal:

This past week an ABC News debate aired on "Nightline," which pitted popular theists against Internet atheists. While I'll have more to say about that battle of wits in my next article, it testifies to the growing number (30 million Americans) of those who profess there is no God. Add to that what I believe is possibly three times the number of functional atheists, those who believe in a God but practically don't show it, and America is facing a new religious horizon in which atheism is becoming a formidable foe.

... Though the U.S. Constitution outlaws religious discrimination, [many] organizations and individuals would love nothing more than to help society look with distain upon Christianity and, ultimately, make its components illegal. In fact, right now, they are coalescing and rallying at least 5 million of their troops to mount counter offensives to Christianity.

For that reason I believe theistic patriots need to be wise to atheists' overt and covert schemes, exposing their agenda and fighting to lay waste to their plans....

Chuck's evidence is what you'd expect: Some people want to take "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance and "In God We Trust" off the money (and it was accidentally left off some coins!); a hate-crimes law passed the House; and there's one (1) avowed non-believer in Congress. That it -- we're almost at the outlawing of Christianity!

Obviously, you could no more ban Christianity in America than ban white skin or heterosexuality or the speaking of English -- and yet I bet the same World Net Daily readers believe, or could easily be made to believe, that all those changes could happen someday in the very near future, too.

Or perhaps I'm just being naive -- perhaps the sinister plot to ban Christianity has yet to be revealed:

Stay tuned next Monday when I give the second half of this treatise, "How to outlaw Christianity (steps 2 & 3)," in which I will also convey one of the most shocking, despicable atheistic tactics I've ever seen.

I'll be there.

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