Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Giuliani is leading the GOP field for '08 -- even among Republican voters who are gun owners? Seems bizarre, but that's what Gallup says:

In the combined May data on rank-and-file Republicans' nomination preferences, [Giuliani] has a 32% to 21% edge over John McCain, and at least a 20 percentage-point advantage over every other candidate.

However, among Republican gun owners, Giuliani's front-running status is not as secure. Twenty-six percent of Republican gun owners say Giuliani is their first choice for the nomination, but 22% choose McCain...

Yeah, he's not doing as well among the armed -- but he's still their #1 choice. So what ever happened to the pro-gun/"gun-grabber" litmus test?

I ask that, and then I remember that the two major components of The Giuliani Myth -- that he got the criminal scum off the streets and that he was the self-appointed leader of a hardy band of survivors after Armageddon -- match the top Walter Mitty fantasies of the typical politicized right-wing gun owner almost exactly.

So maybe at least some of the GOP's gun owners see Rudy as an honorary gun guy, even if he isn't one.

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