Thursday, May 24, 2007


Look, they could be legit, but (sorry, this is going to be somewhat graphic) why would you need to do an elaborate full-color sketch of a cleaver cutting off someone's hand, or a hand being pierced by a drill? Does a torturer need a diagram in order to figure out how to do those things? Same with dragging someone behind a car -- seems like that would be pretty self-explanatory, no?

And don't tell me these are meant to intimidate people -- how does a drawing do that? A video, yes -- we see the violence happening to a real person. But a sketch?

I'm not saying for certain that the thing isn't legit. All I'm saying is that the Bushies very well might be using the Smoking Gun (!) to disseminate disinformation -- in this case, gory images meant to indelibly imprint the message that gruesome treatment of detainees in Iraq is the work of al-Qaeda, and only al-Qaeda. (Funny, our government never seems to have released any pictures of corpses of Iraqis tortured with drills. Ah, but that's been the handiwork of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, so never mind.)


ACTUALLY: The longer I think about this, the more likely it seems to be a fake -- why do these drawings and hide them in a safe house? If they're not instructional and they're not being disseminated as a means of intimidation, what the hell's the point?


UPDATE: Amnesty International, astonishingly enough, has not instantly issued a statement of condemnation based on an unverified report disseminated on the Smoking Gun -- so mid-list righty blogger Don Surber is in a huff, Glenn Reynolds, naturally, says AI is guilty of complicity. Because the DoD would never spread disinformation, would it?


OH, LOOK: I'm "the left."


UPDATE, MONDAY NIGHT: Via comments, here are a couple more skeptics.

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