Thursday, May 10, 2007

Odd that all those kids being turned into Stalinist/Marxist/postmodernist revolutionary cadres by their politically correct professor-indoctrinators keep doing things like this:

Members of a University of Delaware honor fraternity who dressed up as Latino gardeners and gangsters and attended a South of the Border-theme party have stirred up outrage and cries of racism on the Newark campus.

...The photographs, which appeared on a student's Facebook Web site page, depicted students, some dressed as gardeners wearing work shirts with "Pedro" and "Jose" name tags, and a racist slur scrawled across the back. In formal apologies posted on La Raza's Web site, students said they did not believe their costumes would be offensive, nor were they acting maliciously.

Other photos pictured a trio of the students in red, white and green shirts with the word "Mexico" on the front, and "Spicy," "Full of Tequila" and "Hott" on the backs.

"In no way were these outfits, or these pictures meant to offend anyone," said Jacqui Croteau, one of the participants, in a statement. "I did not fully understand, at the time these pictures were taken, how harmful the idea of dressing in this way could be to a community." ...

Large numbers of college students think this kind of thing is funny, and are shocked when someone takes offense. Why? We rarely discuss that question, but we spend a hell of a lot of time talking about right-wingers' concerns that college students are being exposed to "radical left-wing" and "postmodern" ideas that most students never actually embrace.

I'm still waiting to for that big wave of "No Such Thing as Objective Truth" frat parties.

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