Monday, May 07, 2007


I'm fascinated to learn from a random mid-level righty blog that liberals are so disgusting and repellent to the right that we might actually rank below (ick! ptui!) Mexican migrant laborers:

America Should Exchange its "Progressives" for Mexican Immigrants

...At the same time that "liberals" hate the United States, some Mexicans have been eager to come. Many conservatives have argued for limitations on immigration. But I think that even the most anti-immigration conservative would agree that if we could exchange Mexicans for "liberals" the nation would be better off. Therefore, I propose an exchange program.

Universities should be asked to move to Mexico. This could be done by making continued tax exemption contingent on relocation to Mexico. In addition, educators, trial attorneys, newspapers and television stations should be encouraged to move to Mexico, again, using tax incentives. In addition, New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco could be asked to secede and to merge with Mexico City. Much as Alaska is separated from mainland America, so can New York, LA and San Francisco be separated from a nation in which their "progressive" residents can believe. This would also have the side benefit of sending Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel to the Mexican Congress.

...American "progressive" traitors would be replaced by Mexican immigrants. The immigrants would be required to go to American schools, which, since the "progressive" educators will have emigrated, would teach principles on which America is based. These include freedom, tolerance, and respect for those with whom we disagree. The schools would encourage loyalty. Most importantly schools would teach reading, writing and arithmetic properly for the first time in a century. Once the "progressives" go, our math and reading scores will shoot up because incompetent education will go with them.

The result would be a large number of Americans of Mexican extraction who have replaced traitorous "liberals". Freed of "progressives", the American economy would explode. We would become fabulously wealthy. It would be like the late 19th century. New ideas would transform the world.

At the same time, with even more left wing kooks than it has now, Mexico would deteriorate rapidly. In a few generations the descendents of the new Mexican "progressives" would begin to try to return here. But the future Americans, including those descended from Mexican immigrants, would not let them. They are not fools. The "progressives" would be required to remain in Mexico. Their descendents would have the chance to eat what their "progressive" ancestors served.


In passing, let me just say that I'm fascinated by the move-TV-stations-to-Mexico part. Does that mean there'd be no television in America anymore? Or would we be beaming it in from across the border, like Wolfman Jack back in the early '60s? And would it be old-fashioned U.S. television, or would we all have to start making telenovelas?

(I'm also fascinated by the fact that our friend wants to banish newspapers. No comment necessary.)

But to the main point -- this really is Dinesh D'Souza territory we're in. The point is: Everybody on the planet is, at least potentially, a Christian capitalist American who speaks English and likes the Second Amendment and low taxes ... except for (a) liberals and (b) those whose minds are poisoned by liberals. We really embody all the evil in the universe.

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