Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rudy Giuliani is already attacking potential Democratic rivals. Why aren't Democrats doing the same? Why, say, aren't they attacking him?

Giuliani today:

... now he's taking on a Democrat -- John Edwards -- to make his points on the national security front during an appearance today in New Hampshire.

"One of the democratic Presidential candidates today gave a speech in New York and the speech that he gave suggested that the global war on terror was no more than a slogan of George Bush's," Mr. Giuliani told a gathering of employees of an insurance company in Keene. "I understand the zeal and the overzealousness that some of these people have to attack George Bush. It comes out a of a political process," he said.

...Mr. Giuliani said that Mr. Edwards was in "denial" about the terrorist threat.

"When you go so far as to suggest the global war on terror is a bumper sticker or a slogan, it kind of makes the point that I have been making over and over again," he said, unprompted. "that the democrats, or at least some of them are in denial. There is not a global war on terror because of George Bush."

And at last week's debate:

"There's something really big at stake here," Giuliani said. "We're looking at a race here in which the leading candidate for president of the United States (Clinton) has said that the unfettered free market is the most disastrous thing in modern America. ... She's also said, with regard to taxes, that we have to take money from you in order to give it to the common good."

Never mind the fact that Giuliani offered a distorted picture of Hillary Clinton's views, and never mind the fact that Giuliani has also questioned the use of the phrase "war on terror" -- he's out there pounding Democrats ... and no Democrat is pounding him or John McCain or Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney.

If the '08 election has a Republican nominee with very low negatives and a Democratic nominee with very high negatives, this is going to be a big part of the reason. Attacking Bush and Cheney isn't enough; Democrats have to start attacking the people who want to be the next Bush and Cheney.

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