Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rush Limbaugh and White House spokesman Tony Snow talking about immigration yesterday on Limbaugh's radio show:

RUSH: ... Tony, I've always thought it was a miscalculation, a mistake for Republicans of any stripe, to think that these people are going to become Republicans because we do nice things like this legislation. Simpson-Mazzoli did grant amnesty, as you say, in 1986.

SNOW: Yup.

RUSH: Those people didn't become Republican voters.

SNOW: Well, what I'm saying is somebody who comes here to work and work hard and share in the American dream, they can become Republican voters. We oughta be out there, frankly, doing what you do every day, Rush, which is tell the people exactly how great this country is and the values that make it great...

Yeah, that's right -- if Republicans want to win over new immigrants from Latin America, they should be doing what Limbaugh does every day. Because what better outreach could there be than fine broadcast moments like this (MP3)?

Pablo, I got some great news -- you're no longer an illegal!



(Sings:) You're our guest worker, yes
Put our country to the test
Tie a noose around our neck, ole!
And we'll do all the rest
Why, mi casa is yours
(Don't forget to mop the floors)
Guacamole is delicious
(I can't stand your other dishes)
Time to sing, time to dance
Someday we'll be like France
You're a voting bloc, that's why I love you best
And we don't dare offend you
You snuck in and so
Be our guest worker, yes,
You're our guest...

That's a song by Limbaugh song parodist Paul Shanklin, from his album American Spastic. It appeared on the show in May of last year. (The voice is supposed to be John McCain.)

Yeah, stuff like that is a great way to win hearts and minds, Tony.

(Limbaugh quote via Too Sense.)


UPDATE: Ripley in comments directs us to this video. Limbaugh's immigration rant starts at about 3:10. It's even nastier than the audio clip I posted.

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