Wednesday, February 07, 2007


A woman from Texas took a cab ride in New York, paid a $10.70 fare with a $20 bill -- and asked for $9 back. In other words, she gave the cabbie a 30-cent tip. She also left 31 diamond rings in the cab. The cabbie, a native of Bangladesh named Osman Chowdhury-- an honest man who apparently wasn't offended by the cheap tip -- returned them to their rightful owner.

Here's your essay question:

Who is the stupidest commenter in this thread about the incident?

Is it #12, who says, of a cheapskate from Texas who owns diamonds,

She no doubt, votes D, too.

-- or is it #6, who says

Rudy helped greatly in bringing the best of NYC back!

(Note: Rudy Giuliani's mayoralty ended on January 1, 2002.)

Discuss. Use both sides of the paper if necessary.

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