Monday, February 26, 2007


From today's Boston Globe:

...when it comes to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the name game can be an asset and a liability at the same time.

Clinton, an early leader in the race for the 2008 Democratic nomination, apparently has dropped -- or at least deemphasized -- "Rodham," her maiden name. Though her family name remains on her official Senate website, it's not on her campaign website and shows up only occasionally in her news releases.

And the T-shirts and buttons promoting Clinton's presidential run boldly declare "Hillary," placing her with Brad and Angelina in the pantheon of first-name-only celebrities....

I got a fund-raising letter from her campaign today. Know what's in the upper left corner of the envelope? "Hillary Rodham Clinton." At the top of the letter itself? "Hillary Rodham Clinton." The script signature is "Hillary," but that's squeezed in between "Sincerely" and -- yes -- "Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Supporting the sinister-evil-name-change theory is the fact that the return envelope is addressed to "Friends of Hillary" and the donation form has the heading, "Hillary, Let's Build a New Future!" (Yeah, I hate the tone of these things, too.) However, the letter is "Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee," and the Web site is

What can we conclude from all this class? That she's definitely calling herself "Hillary." And "Hillary Clinton." And "Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Devious witch -- how dare she use different permutations of her name simultaneously!

(Via the Mahablog.)

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