Monday, February 19, 2007


An announcement from Michael "A.J. Sparxx" Illions of the righty blog PoliPundit:

I am proud to announce that after reaching an agreement with TCV Media, the consulting firm hired by Duncan Hunter's campaign, I will be joining the team working on the Duncan Hunter for President campaign, effective Monday, February 19th.

My responsibilities cover both national and state duties....

...During the 2004 presidential race, I put to good use my being a 10-year professional athlete in the pro-wrestling and sports entertainment industry. Together with Richard Ross, we started the Pro-Wrestling Republican Coalition....

Scroll down here to see who was the "Advisor" to the Pro-Wrestling Republican Coalition:

Bobby Eberle.

(Link via Becoming Gannon.)

Bobby Eberle, of course, was the president and CEO of GOPUSA and Talon News when Talon's star "reporter" was the notorious softball-question-throwing Bush worshiper and onetime sex worker, Jeff Gannon.

See also this 2004 Talon News article:

...Bobby Eberle, President and CEO of GOPUSA, who serves on the Board of the PWRC as an Issues and Policy Advisor, sees the potential of tapping into a new conservative audience.

"Just as Republicans have seen the benefit in reaching out to 'NASCAR dads,' the PWRC represents a way to deliver a conservative, pro-Republican message to a large and mostly overlooked voting block," Eberle said.

Sparxx added, "We are really excited about where we can go with this group and having the stars of Pro Wrestling and the fans come together for something this important is a great feeling of being involved and playing a small role in getting President Bush reelected."

I know the press won't consider this as shocking as using the word "Christofascist," but I think it deserves a wee bit of scrutiny, no?


By the way, the CEO of the consulting firm hired by Duncan Hunter, TCV Media, is Nathan Tabor of The Conservative Voice, who, when he's not writing articles such as "Liberals Hate GOD," can be found arguing that insurance companies should openly discriminate against gay people. Wonder if he'd make an exception for Jeff Gannon.


MORE: Here's Illions as a bylined reporter for Talon News. SourceWatch also notes that Illions was chairman of the September 16-18, 2004, GOPUSA Issues and Action Conference.

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