Monday, February 12, 2007


I wrote this on Saturday:

So, who's going to be the first right-winger to say that Anna Nicole Smith embodied everything that's wrong with liberal culture?

In comments, my old pal Donna replied:

But she was such a GOOD capitalist. She had no talent whatsoever, much of her beauty was the product of man not nature -- she was a great self promoter. She would have made Ayn Rand proud.

I think Rush [s]hould be giving her eulogy.

Interesting point. And it turns out we were both right.

Another of my commenters, MFA, notes that a couple of readers responding to this Dan Riehl post (which I linked earlier today -- don't worry, this won't all be on the final) seem to admire Anna Nicole -- or at least they respect her much more than the Dixie Chicks:

Anna Nicole had more class than those 3 skanks combined..RIP Anna!


Weeellll...I'm not going to go as far as claiming that Anna Nicole was the classy chick on the street but you not throw her under the bus either.


At least Anna never undermined our nation.....The left hates country you dumb chicks,that's right tick off your audience you hefers.


Legal Anna was good at being a girl....The chicks are good at being unattractive crows.....Anna was good for the economy:)

"Good for the economy" -- is there higher praise on the right?

But on the flip side, you've got this righty blogger:

Anna Nicole was the poster child (or pin up girl) for liberalism. She did not want to work too hard so she decided to take money from the rich (bilking billionaire J Howard Marshall). When that did not work she looked in the liberal handbook and went to Plan B, the courts. She even went a far as the supreme court to sue for her bounty. Then of course, no liberal story would be complete without portraying a pole dancing, drug addict as a victim. But when a hero dies in Iraq or Afghanistan you hear a number.

Hello America, this is Katie Couric. There was an American Tragedy today. Anna Nicole Smith our liberal soul sister died a martyr for our cause. Followed by a 20 minute lovefest of pictures and interviews. In other news, number 3,115 died today in Iraq.

The media fuels the fire of Islamic Extremism and Murtha by giving them hope that America is going to quit the fight. Soon American women even the ultra sexy ones like Anna Nicole will be wearing burqas thanks to the media. Maybe then Ted Turner will wake up and rally the troops in defiance of his seditious wife. Or perhaps, Bill Clinton will walk down the hall and knock on his wife's bedroom door in the White House and urge Madam President to do something.

Er, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda divorced in the spring of 2001, but whatever.

Conclusion: Anna Nicole Smith was awesome, Anna Nicole Smith was awful, but either way, we suck, and everything is our fault, because we love everything that's awful.

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