Saturday, February 24, 2007


I'm pleased to see that the response to the NYU College Republicans' "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" game this week was a massive protest, with demonstrators greatly outnumbering Republicans. (This is the same cheap stunt College Republicans pulled at Penn State last year and the University of North Texas the year before. These people desperately need some new material.)

The demo was great, but next time a CR chapter wants to stage this game, maybe protestors should give them a taste of their own medicine. Maybe they could have a game of their own -- a game called "Catch a College Republican Chickenhawk."

In this game, one player would wear the CR logo and other players would pose as military recruiters. The winner would be the one who succeeds in catching the College Republican and getting his or his ass shipped over to Iraq. (Extra prizes if you drag the Republican to an actual recruiting center and do it for real!) I think I'd really enjoy playing that game....

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