Friday, February 16, 2007

Number of times Camille Paglia refers to herself in the first person ("I," "I'm," "I've," "me," "my") in her Salon comeback column today:


Oh -- she likes Edwards, she'll vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination, but she still thinks the song parodies on Rush Limbaugh's show are a hoot. Oh, and she seems to have a crush on Mitt Romney.

In 1994, on my book tour for "Vamps & Tramps," I was sitting late one night in the empty lobby of WBZ-AM NewsRadio.... While waiting to go on the David Brudnoy Show ... I listened intently to the guest on air before me -- Mitt Romney, whom I had never heard of but who was then mounting his unsuccessful senatorial challenge to Ted Kennedy.

I was very impressed. When Romney emerged, I shook his hand and said, "You're going to be president!" -- something I have never said to anyone, before or since.

And yes, she still thinks Sandra Bernhard is a genius.

Don't click over. Please. You'll only encourage her.


UPDATE: I realize I left out the most bizarre part:

This past Sunday night, there was a floating, mesmerizingly sensuous moment on Matt Drudge's radio show as he segued long from the midnight news with Yaz's "Winter Kills" ("Green in your love on bright days/ You grew sun blind/ You thought me unkind/ To remind you how winter kills"). No one but Drudge these days uses AM radio for artistic mood and ambience. People who know Drudge simply through his Web site are clueless about his eclectic musical sensibility.

Is this how Camille chills -- a few candles, a glass of Beaujolais and Matt Drudge's radio show?

By the way, this is the first and last time Matt Drudge's name and "sensuous" will ever appear in the same sentence.

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