Sunday, February 11, 2007


It was a novel class exercise: Ask a room full of Montgomery County [Maryland] high school students to take turns chewing the same piece of gum.

To demonstrate how sexually transmitted diseases are spread, a visiting speaker invited students to share gum in health classes at four county high schools in December and last month. School officials said a total of about 100 students participated in the lessons, although some declined to chew the gum.

Education and health officials say the gum exercise was unsanitary and should not have happened. The speaker and the clinic, a pregnancy counseling center with a religious orientation, are no longer welcome in Montgomery schools, school officials said.

...One or more speakers from Rockville Pregnancy Center had visited Damascus, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill high schools and possibly others. Clinic speakers had been approved to visit schools since 1998; students said the speaker told them she had taught the same lessons many times....

The Web site of Rockville Pregnancy Center is here. As the linked article notes, the site includes an Am I Going To Heaven?" test; it also includes Dr. Laura's "Is It Love?" test. The site spreads the usual nonsense -- that abortion leads to breast cancer, that many women suffer from "post-abortion syndrome." The site also claims that men suffer a sort of post-abortion syndrome because abortion messes with the "five instinctive drives or motivations that make up their life: 'the ability to procreate, provide, protect, perform, and [enjoy] pleasure.'" Yup, guys, "ability to procreate" is our #1 motivation in life. And you know a guy's hurtin' after abortion because he experiences a wide range of symptoms, including "Masturbation" (something I guess guys never do otherwise).

These people were coming into the Montgomery County schools for almost ten years. Why?

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