Monday, February 19, 2007

Glenn Greenwald was recently trying to figure out the source of the logo for the Victory Caucus, a group of right-wingers who believe that America can triumph in Iraq if they, the Caucus members, sit on their fat asses and complain about war opponents ... or something like that. Here's the logo:

Hmmm ... it does look a wee bit like the logo in this Nazi propaganda leaflet, no?

About the leaflet:

The Germans seldom used humor in their leaflets, but this one is a rare exception. The front shows the phrase "V1" in a red circle, surrounded by four cartoons. One compares Winston Churchill's "V for Victory" sign with "V1," a second shows London journalists keeping mum about the death and destruction, a third depicts civilians being reminded of V weapons when they see a British corporal's V-shaped stripes, and the final one depicts a British Tommy with his hands in the air in the shape of a "V." The message on the back of the leaflet is:


Britain built up an air defense of enormous proportions, sparing neither cost nor exertion in employing the most modern technical means.

With one stroke this whole system of air defense has become worthless with the introduction of flying bomb V-1.

V1 has upset all known methods of aerial warfare. Other equally revolutionary new weapons will follow. They will prove to you that V1


There ya go, Victory Caucus. You're imitating a classic bit of propaganda from "the Good War" -- except from the wrong side.

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