Monday, February 12, 2007

Added to the blogroll, in many cases belatedly: Spencer Ackerman (Too Hot for TNR), Blue Gal, Blue Wren, Glenn Greenwald at Salon, Instaputz, Liberty Street, Paperwight's Fair Shot, Slacktivist, Jon Swift, Why Now?, and Cintra Wilson.

And R.I.P. Billmon, BlogGram, and mfinley.

Jon Swift is right to wonder why it was so damn important for several alpha-dog lefty blogs to purge their blogrolls recently. Jon's blogroll is huge, yet somehow there still seems to be bandwidth left in the world. Why can't the top dogs on the left do likewise? What's the point of acting like Heathers?


UPDATE Also see Tom Hilton's thoughts on this (here and here). I don't get the tendency toward what Tom calls "upward linkage," but then I wasn't particularly popular in high school, either.

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