Friday, September 29, 2006

You know Joe Sixpack? The guy we chase around politically because the Republicans own his heart?

You've probably already heard that Rep. Mark Foley (one of whose political specialties appears to be issues related to sex offenders) has been sending not-terribly-appropriate e-mails to a 16-year-old page who didn't actually work for him from his private e-mail address.

ABC has the story on their website, and it's gotten a great deal of rapid-fire concern trolling fervent commentary by casual heartland passersby indignant about the clear anti-Republican bias of ABC in general and the story in particular since it was posted.

I was particularly interested in this salt-of-the-earth fellow's inarticulate yet powerful indignation
First of all Mr. Lee, Clinton wasn't impeached because of an affair, he was impeached because he lied to a grand jury and cohersed others to lie.. but keep living in your little parallel world.. all the better for the Right when the left doesn't even understand the simplist issues.

This campaign season really shows 1. how desparate the democrats are & 2. how little of substance they actually have to run on.

I haven't heard yet a new idea from a democrat on what they would do, it is either these bogus accusations or what they wouldn't do..

Posted by: Matthew | Sep 28, 2006 6:29:19 PM

Um, I thought. He uses the word coerced, doesn't know how to spell it and took a guess that it was spelled completely differently than it's pronounced? Doesn't know how many of the little dot things go in an ellipse? Can't spell simplest but uses the phrase "how little of substance"? Talks about campaign season?

Well, Matthew, unlike his fellow concerned citizens, linked to a working e-mail address.

The e-mail address of this rootsy fellow over at the Free Republic
Matthew N., holding an MBA and a Bachelors degree in Economics from Trinity University, finds passion in his career in the development of instructional programs for a Fortune 500 company.

In addition to Instructional Design, Mr. Nehrling specializes in web technology design and development, marketing, and graphic design. Mr. Nehrling is on the board of directors of the MBA Association and is politically active as member of the Republican National Committee.

A freelance writer and avid gourmet cook and wine aficionado, Mr. Nehrling finds balance outside of work exploring various cultural activities.

Mr. Nehrling lives in Longview, TX with his wife, Christina who is a professional classical singer and music teacher.

desparate indeed.

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