Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Competent? The Bush administration? Ever?

Hey, why spoil a perfect record?

Fraud Victims Yet to Receive Money From Government

Nearly eight months after federal regulators touted a settlement they secured with ChoicePoint Inc. over a data breach, the government has not paid any money to victims from a $5 million fund that was to be set up as part of the agreement.

The Federal Trade Commission also has not yet implemented procedures for how the 800 fraud victims it has identified so far can apply for and receive compensation from the fund, nor has it hired anyone to administer the fund on behalf of the agency, said spokeswoman Claudia Bourne Farrell.

"That's under review," Farrell said Tuesday. Responding to an open records request by The Associated Press, Farrell said the commission is trying to develop a plan to distribute the money "expeditiously and efficiently." ...

"We are hoping to complete the process soon," Rich wrote....

I also find it interesting that as many as 163,000 Americans may have been the victims of this data breach, and the FTC has identified a whopping 800.

The Bush administration is to competence what Tucker Carlson is to dancing.

(Via Taegan Goddard.)

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