Saturday, September 23, 2006

Brendan Nyhan left The American Prospect in a huff when he was (justifiably) criticized for a dumb post attacking liberal bloggers, as well as other posts that took liberals to task. Nyhan is now whining about his fate:

In an email Friday morning, Sam Rosenfeld, the magazine's online editor, asked that I focus my blogging on conservative targets. He specifically objected to two posts criticizing liberals ... that I wrote after the Atrios controversy. I refused and terminated the relationship.

Why was I asked to slant my work to the liberal party line?

Er, because The American Prospect is a liberal magazine? A liberal magazine that attempts to advance the cause of liberalism?

... More fundamentally, while TAP can choose to (almost) exclusively criticize conservatives, isn't open and honest debate a value that liberals prize? Is it appropriate to largely ignore one side while jumping on virtually any misstatement from the other?

Coming next week: Brendan Nyhan gets himself hired as a photographer at Juggs magazine, then whines when the magazine refuses to publish his male-on-male porn photos.

(Via Eric Alterman and Avedon Carol.)


(Yeah, I'm still around. I'm trying to get some stuff done so I can get out of town, but I couldn't resist this.)

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