Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bulworth's post about Michael Medved condemning Mel Gibson's anti-war comments (but not his anti-Semitic comments) made me just curious enough to see what else Medved has to say about anti-Semitism. Here's what I found:

  • Munich Distorts History: "Spielberg and his screenwriter (Marxist playwright Tony "Angels in America" Kushner)...traffic in the hoariest anti-Semitic stereotypes, showing the coldly calculating Jews computing the cost of their operation in dollars ($352,000 for an assassination in Rome) as they demand their eye-for-an-eye, their pound of flesh, to balance the crimes of Munich."

  • A Movie With Legs: "Of course, the more hysterical critics of "The Passion" might argue that its allegedly anti-Semitic elements irrevocably identified the project with an archconservative outlook, but this argument ignores the fact that Jew-hatred appears today far more frequently among the America-hating left than on the flag-waving right."

  • Why the World Hates the Jews: "Contrary to anti-Semitic presumptions, Israel has never demanded special privileges of any kind, but yearns (and bleeds) only for the same rights other nations enjoy: to live undisturbed beside its neighbors without unceasing attack by terrorists, militias and, occasionally, major armies."

  • The Passion and Prejudice: "Denunciations of Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ by some influential organizations in the Jewish community reached their crescendo long before the movie's release, and began even before he had finished filming it. This proves that the charges of anti-Semitism surrounding this project for more than a year arose not from an honest assessment of the film, but from political prejudice and organizational imperatives."

  • Critics in the 'Passion' Pit: "In every corner of the globe, the militantly secular, America-hating left makes incongruous common cause with Islamic fundamentalism in circulating poisonous anti-Semitic canards, including ludicrous charges of Jewish conspiracies behind banking, media, "neo-conservative" foreign policy, and even the devastating attacks of 9/11."

Uh-huh. Right. Spielberg, Kushner, critics of Israel, secularists, and the Left: anti-Semitic. The Passion: really, really not anti-Semitic.

I think we're beginning to see a pattern here...

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