Thursday, September 21, 2006


Or at least it's happy to establish a working relationship with someone who believes that:

Hannity to Pitch GM Car Give-Away

To stimulate consumer interest in its line of American-built cars, General Motors has turned to radio and Sean Hannity. Beginning Sept. 25, Hannity will serve as the spokesperson for GM’s You’re A Great American Car Give-Away, offering radio listeners the chance to pick and win one of five GM vehicles....

GM’s multiplatform campaign combines Hannity’s syndicated radio show broadcast on more than 500 radio stations, including 50 in the top 50 markets, with his Web site, where listeners will be directed to register their names. During his radio show, Hannity will announce one contestant’s name per hour. Listeners will have until 6 a.m. the next morning to send Hannity an email to confirm they’ve heard their name read on the air. The contest runs for five weeks through Nov. 6, when the final car is given away....

When he's not suggesting that there's a moral equivalence between terrorism, despotism, and liberalism, Hannity, of course, is a professional liar, an enabler of liars, and an enabler to two generations of hatemongering character assassins.

Thanks, GM!

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