Sunday, September 10, 2006


From today's New York Times:

...some antiterrorism successes claimed by the government seem distinctly underwhelming.

The four "examples of W.M.D. cases" described in a June Justice Department report on counterterrorism efforts over five years include accounts of two Texas survivalists caught with hazardous chemicals, two Chinese-born American citizens who offered shoulder-fired missiles to an undercover F.B.I. agent, a Washington State engineer who wanted to use poisonous ricin to kill his wife, and an Arizona man whose attempt to make ricin failed but who wore the harmless powder he did make in a vial around his neck.

Wow. I feel so much safer. God bless President Bush!


The report is here: PDF; HTML via Google. The first sentence of the report is

This paper outlines the impressive success of the Department of Justice in the war on terrorism.

So a guy trying to kill his wife with ricin is not just engaged in "terrorism" -- he was sending a message to all of us, I guess, that we could suffer the same fate if we married him -- but his prosecution is part of the "war on terrorism," which I assume is the same thing as "the war on Islamic extremism." Uxoricide = Islamofascism!

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