Thursday, September 28, 2006

On an almost completely party-line vote, the majority in Congress has used their position as the majority in Congress to kill an amendment which would have removed from the torture enablement bill Our Fearless Leader's ability to round up and torture - well, pretty much anyone they want to, including United States citizens on United States soil, without judicial review or the need to show any evidence that the disappeared citizens are, in fact, anything more dangerous than political opponents of the party currently in power.

That a government of free men may not have this power, as Susie points out, is specifically one of the liberties our founding fathers were willing to die for.

As Susie also points out, all you have to do to fight for it is pick up a phone.

Please do.

And maybe ask yourself if the party which is rushing to enshrine torture and the end of legal protections which go as far back as the Magna Carta in our laws really ought to control any of the branches of the federal government.

That's a question you get to vote on directly.

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