Sunday, September 24, 2006

So as Chavezmania is in full swing, and we hear that he is harboring terrorists, building up Venezuela's military, and planning to lob the occasional nuclear missile at us; that he must not be appeased, and might just be the Antichrist; it's helpful to have just the tiniest bit of perspective, which Ezra Klein very helpfully provides:
It's worth noting that the threat Venezuela poses to America is entirely centered on what they can do to our feelings. They will not attack us. They can't attack us. They have neither weaponry, nor terrorist infrastructures. They could theoretically wreck their economy by embargoing us, but fiscal self-immolation in service of slightly higher gas prices for Americans seems...unlikely. So for all the whining and crying and worrying, all Chavez really has is the ability to tell us he does not like America very much at all.

Ooh, scary.
Thank you, Ezra.

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