Sunday, September 24, 2006

Big Dawg Layeth the Smacketh Down

I don't normally watch the talking head TV pundits on Sunday mornings (or at anytime during the week for that matter). Friends of mine who know my political interests find this unusual. But the answer is very simple, really. The Sunday morning talk shows are a bunch of gibberish, much like the leper messiahs who typically, and perhaps not coincidentally, air at the same time.

But I had a couple of minutes this morning before I had to head out and I flipped on the tube. Somehow I landed on Fox's "news" show with Chris Wallace. I would have kept going but there was my man, William Jefferson Clinton. And he was giving Wallace the what-for. You can read about it here.

Damm. Poor Wallace. He forgot who he was dealing with. Fox and everybody else are so used to the current crop of Dems they can't remember the last time one of them smacked them around and called them on their shit.

And of course why the corporate media (and its administration puppeteers) would want to bring up Osama bin Forgotten again is beyond me. I mean it ain't exactly a badge of honor that this administration hasn't tracked him down or that the same administration that said they'd get him dead or alive and that any nation that refused to play ball would be treated as accessories to the crime, abruptly forgot the whole thing (a) the second they handed the keys over to the warlords in Afghanistan as fast as they could so they could launch their voluntary and catastrophic war in Iraq and (b) they realized OBL was in Pakistan which won't let us in to go after him. Can't very well make threats about "either being with us or against us" if we know where he is and that his new host country won't risk their citizens' wrath by inviting U.S. troops into play seek and destroy. Not that there are sufficient troops available anyway, who aren't already three-toured out of Iraq.

Anyway, thanks, Bill. Give 'em hell.

UPDATE: Besides being a shameless act of chutzpah, it turns out that the whole Somalia-cut-and-run line of blame-gaming also has its facts completely wrong (what a surprise). It wasn't Clinton and 2004 Democratic candidate Kerry who wanted to "cut and run" from Somalia, it was the Republican congress, as Glenn Greenwald documents.

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