Thursday, August 28, 2003

Yikes -- Drudge is linking to this column (also available here) in which Richard Reeves speculates that Hillary Clinton may seriously be looking at a presidential run.

For the record, our new senator has said she was not interested in the presidency....Not for the record, though, Hillary and her advisers, including her husband the ex-president, her money men and pollsters, will meet shortly after Labor Day -- Sept. 6, I hear -- to discuss whether or not she should go for it.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. If she decided to go for it, the howls of outrage -- on the part of both right-wing jackals and the mainstream media -- would probably be so loud that she might never get a fair hearing. On the other hand, when she ran for the Senate she went straight to voters in one-stoplight towns, and she persuaded them she wasn't a psycho banshee from hell, and won handily.

And she does tend to poll fairly well against Bush.

Well, we'll see.

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