Monday, August 18, 2003

I guess Saddam isn't the same person as Osama anymore. I guess Saddam is now more important than the guy who actually masterminded the deaths of three thousand civilians on 9/11:

As the hunt for Saddam Hussein grows more urgent and the guerrilla war in Iraq shows little sign of abating, the Bush administration is continuing to shift highly specialized intelligence officers from the hunt for Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan to the Iraq crisis, according to intelligence officials who have been involved in the redeployments.

The recent moves -- involving both analysts in Washington and specially trained field operatives -- follow the transfer of hundreds of elite commandos from Afghanistan duty to service in Iraq, Pentagon officials said....

--Boston Globe

The article quotes U.S. officials (and our pals, the Pakistanis) staunchly defending what we're doing, or not doing, in Afghanistan. But read to the end. Note that we're replacing Green Berets in Afghanistan with reserve troops who have no special-forces training. Oh, and note that someone from this not exactly touchy-feely think tank thinks we need to put more resources into Afghanistan.

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