Thursday, August 28, 2003

(UPDATE: In the original version of the following entry I raised questions about the origin of an incorrect statement concerning author-to-be Dee Dee Benkie. I have since been told that the incorrect fact appeared erroneously and efforts have been made by Ms. Benkie and her agent to correct the error, which, the agent tells me, was made by a third party. See this post from September 18, 2003.)

OK, I'm going to be petty for a moment. Hey, it's my blog.

Publishers Lunch (subscription only) reports on a forthcoming book from John Wiley & Sons:

First female President of the National Young Republicans and former Special Assistant to top Bush White House advisor Karl Rove, now a political consultant and commentator, Dee Dee Benkie's RED, WHITE, AND YOU: HOW TO BE A BETTER AMERICAN....

It is, in fact, true that the soon-to-be-author of the unfortunately titled Red, White, and You is the unfortunately named Dee Dee Benkie, and it is true that she worked for Karl Rove and was president of (to give it its correct name) the Young Republican National Federation. Feel free to search for her name at the Young Republicans' Web site, the unfortunately named YROCK!

But let's talk about that other claim -- that she's the first female president of the organization. Er, not quite. The YROCK! site lists all the previous chairs of the Young Republicans. The chair for 1985–1987 was named Marilyn R. Hudson; in 1991–1993 Enid Greene was chair (she was subsequently a scandal-plagued Utah congresswoman); and Monica Samuels held the job in 1997–1999.


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