Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Gospel singer Gene Collett says he took a message from God and turned it into a song about accused serial bomber Eric Robert Rudolph.

He has released "The Ballade of Eric Robert Rudolph" to 1,270 gospel and country radio stations.

"Right or wrong in what he's done, his race is over, now only in his mind are the sweet fields of clover," Collett sings in the chorus. "Rudolph has run, and where has he trod, now he faces Caesar but his final judge is God."

At least one radio station in Western North Carolina is interested in the song.

"We need to jump on that big time," said Vann Campbell, of WRKR 1320 AM in Murphy, the Cherokee County town where Rudolph was arrested May 31. "His song is really neutral. It's not overly judgmental and it doesn't make (Rudolph) out to be a hero." ...

--Citizen-Times (Asheville, N.C.)

Yeah, I guess you could say it's "neutral" -- if you assume that the line "now he faces Caesar but his final judge is God" is a general reference to the fallibility of human beings and not, you know, a prediction that if Rudolph is convicted God will say it was cool because his bombs targeted abortionists and gay people.

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