Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Two lesbians from Ithaca, New York, recently got married in Canada. The Ithaca Times reports:

Kelly says her family is Irish Catholic, so she wasn't sure how they would react to her sexual orientation. "When I came out it was really scary. God love them - they all showed up at my wedding and they cried their eyes out [because] it was a ceremony of love and affection," she says. "It was no longer just about the general fears about things that are out there, it was about Maureen and Lisa."

Someone named wideawake at Free Republic responds:

Her family is not Irish Catholic. It is Irish apostate.

Apparently they chose to prioritize their perverted daughter's basest lusts over God and His truth.

They will eventually be held accountable for their failure to do the right thing.

Yikes. You're just waiting for the punch line, some sign that this is a joke, and it never comes. This maniac is serious.

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