Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I guess that conservative "big tent" just got closed for repairs -- I found this posted by Lee of the blog Right-Thinking from the Left Coast:


Take this however you like, but the black chick singing with Madonna in the new Gap commercials looks like a fucking monkey. I don't mean that in a racist, pejorative sense; I mean she actually looks like an ape. (I've had similar criticisms of the Williams Sisters. Ugh. Anyone remember when they only used to put attractive women in commercials?)

Good Lord.

You know, the "black chick" in question, Missy Elliott, happens to be one of the few smart, clever, inventive people making hit records right now, as a songwriter, record producer, singer, and rapper -- but even if that weren't the case, this would be a disgusting thing to say.

If there were a God, or any justice, Lee would be forced to walk through his native Bay Area -- all the neighborhoods -- with that damn post hung around his neck on a sandwich board printed in 128-point extra-bold type.

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