Thursday, August 21, 2003

As I watch the Ten Commandments spectacle in Alabama and the recall spectacle in California, I find myself wishing our side had some poker-faced pranksters who could have used recent events to tweak a few right-wing noses.

Here's the prank I have in mind: During the candidate registration process in California, I wish someone had tried to register, as a candidate for governor, Jesus Christ -- carefully submitting the requisite paperwork, signatures, and cash. The state of California, presumably, would have refused to put Jesus Christ on the ballot -- after all, He isn't a California resident.

That's where the fun could have started. Our team of pranksters could then sue to get Christ on the ballot. The premise of the suit would be that Christ, as the Son of God, is everywhere, resident in all true believers' hearts, and therefore a resident of the Golden State. There would be much talk of the perils of rejecting God's law in favor of man's law. A Web site would be set up, and a legal defense fund. Press releases would go to talk radio, Christian radio, Fox News, and Free Republic. Prayer vigils would take place in Sacramento. There would be civil disobedience.

Before our pranksters acknowledged that they'd pulled a prank, how many Americans would actually have fallen for this? How many Americans would have considered it a terrific idea? Would there have been copycats? Possibly even a movement to see to it that Christ's name is on every ballot in America? Would Sean Hannity and Dr. Laura have endorsed it? Rick Santorum? Joe Lieberman? Bush?

Damn -- I'm sorry we'll never find out.

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