Friday, January 05, 2007


So, who's acting as an agent of satanic liberalism now?

* The Weather Channel.

* Al Roker.

You probably can't imagine Al Roker and the Weather Channel as sinister tools of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, but that's because you're blind to the true depths of liberal depravity.

First, Melanie Morgan at World Net Daily alerts us to the fact that the Weather Channel is engaging in "sensationalized leftist political advocacy":

The Weather Channel is launching a new website and broadband channel dedicated solely to global warming called "One Degree" and has a weekly program called "The Climate Code," devoted almost entirely to liberal advocacy on climate matters....

The chief martyr for the new "emotional" approach to broadcasting at The Weather Channel is Dr. Heidi Cullen, who serves as the network's cheerleader for global warming hysteria. Cullen's supposed expertise on climatology includes, among other things, earning a bachelor's degree in Near Eastern religions and history from Juniata College.

For now, we'll overlook the fact that Melanie Morgan apparently doesn't know what the word "martyr" means. Let's just note that her account of Dr. Cullen's CV is -- how to put this? -- rather selective:

Heidi finished her assignment as a postdoctoral research scientist on a NOAA Climate and Global Change Fellowship at the International Research Institute for Climate Prediction in New York, comes to NCAR with expertise in two distinct areas: history and climate variability. She earned a bachelor's degree in Near Eastern religions and history from Juniata College before going to Columbia University for a bachelor's in engineering and operations research and a Ph.D. in climate variability.

Combining her interests, Heidi has studied historic drought and climate variability in the Middle East as well as the application of forecasts to water resource management in the La Plata Basin of South America. Her doctoral research at Columbia focused in part on the dynamics of the North Atlantic Oscillation as well as its impact on freshwater supplies in the Middle East.

In ESIG and CGD, she tests whether the use of climate models can improve water resource management at the world's largest hydroelectric plant: the Itaipu Binacional hydropower facility, which provides power to Brazil and Paraguay. The challenge is to prevent flooding without unnecessarily curbing energy generation.

Yup, Dr. Cullen sounds like a real lightweight, doesn't she?

Ah, but she does bear the Mark of Satan with regard to global climate change: She thinks it exists, and she thinks people have something to do with it. Get thee behind me, Weather Witch!

Meanwhile, NewsBusters denounces the Today show weatherman:

At the "Today" show, it's not enough anymore to be subjected to the liberal preaching of Vieira, Lauer and Curry. Now weatherman Al Roker wants to harangue us, too. Roker had been off for a few days, and this morning we found out why:

"We were in South Africa at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy. Life changing. Good for her. She's done such an amazing job." Wonderful. Good. Glad to hear it. But Al didn't stop there.

"And to the people who are castigating her: boo on you. If you've done as much as she's done, very nice. But if you didn't: shut up."

...My goodness. You'd think Oprah was a horribly maligned and vilified figure; an object of pity. Last time I looked she was one of the most adored, popular, influential people in America. Oh, and a billionaire to boot. But Al would place her off limits for criticism unless we're a walking combination of Mother Teresa and the Gates Foundation?

Now, I haven't paid much attention to the story of Oprah's South African school, but I assume anyone who's criticizing her is doing so because they think she's a dilettante celebrity -- not because they think she's a liberal. But what do I know? The slogan of NewsBusters is "Exposing and Combating Liberal Media Bias," and NewsBusters assures us that Roker's spirited defense of Oprah is of a piece with "the liberal preaching of Vieira, Lauer and Curry," so I guess Satan is, in fact, involved, on the side of liberals, as always.

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