Monday, August 12, 2013


PBS recently aired a documentary by Debbie Lum called Single Asian Female, which looks at white men who seek Asian wives, and examines how one white man's marriage to a "mail-order bride" worked out.

Over at Free Republic, someone got hold of a news story about this documentary -- and, well, it's a good thing that there's no racism among wingnuts (as hundreds of right-wing commenters have recently explained to me here), because if wingnuts were racist, this Freep thread could have become really offensive.

Instead, it's a wellspring of racial enlightenment:
Russian women with serious intent on marriage usually make the best wives.


Asian women make the best sounds during sex.


Actually it's Asian women who seek out white men, as women are generally the one selecting mates in human society.Men ask and women choose between suitors.

Liberals can't stand when there is any type of harmony between races, on a personal or large scale level.


It is probably more "painful" for the Asian men that are "left over" that are not seen as ideal mates by white, black, nor Hispanic women.


Thank Goodness I don't describe myself or allow myself to be described as a "Fourth Generation Russian British American."

Then again perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am unusually, even unhealthily partial to women of white ethnicity.

Sadly, tragically, I never could reconcile notions of "romance" and "love" with ancestor worship, kwanzaa, body odor, the Buddha, child abuse, arranged marriages, or food that smells like faeces.

Maybe I should see someone about my problem, or write a book about my life-long, racist perversion.

What do you think?


... I very seldom see a Black girl who is attractive unless she is almost too white to tell. I think Eskimos are good people but they are not physically attractive....


What’s with all the Asian chicks obsessed with old white dudes? What's the racist moniker for that? "ODB fever"?


Is that like when a pretty blond woman falls for a black man, and he is so deeply in love that he becomes her slave? Opposites attract.


And when they pass gas, it doesn't smell like faeces. It smells like sandalwood incense.


... It has to do with the fact that Asian women LOVE being women, unlike American women who want to act like men.


I personally like White girls with light brown or yellow hair
Dutch descent from South Africa.

The average college age girl there would be smokin hot here.

Seen 'em with me own eyes...


South Africa is a tough region. So only the best genes survived.


What's the mystery? They rove you rong time!


LOL, there is sum ting wong with this thread.


Makes you think if there is an opportunity in match making service for left over Asian men and black women ?
Far as I can tell, those two groups want absolutely nothing to do with each other.


... VN [Vietnamese] women enjoy being women, they don't want to be men and they really don't want to be Westerners although they want to dress like Westerners and enjoy the "toys" that Westerners have.

VN women enjoy VN men but think foreigners are very attractive and they believe all foreigners are wealthy.

Once a VN woman marries a foreigner and gets out of VN she is usually already pregnant having tried from day one to get pregnant, she will seek a divorce quickly suing for house and as much money as she can get. Bottom line: She is like a Western woman in this way. She wants the offspring and the money and all the trappings of wealth but not the baggage. I've seen this happen too many times....

If you think I'm speaking strictly from a VN visitor POV, I'll mention I've been to every country in SE Asia, most a number of times.


In General, Asian women actually like white American males and make great wives. Why? Because feminism has so poisoned the pool of American females they are screeching, dominatrix, harpies as opposed to real, feminine women (Asians).
There was a survey about American males and females many years ago. The survey was to measure how European males and females viewed American males and females.

European females generally liked American males and disliked American females as brassy and overbearing. European males also disliked American females and wondered why American males were such wussies they didn't stand up to these witches.


For the same reason white guys don't like Asian porn, you won't find many many women who are into Asian men.


Australian Aboriginals are probably more unattractive.
There you have it, folks -- intimate relationships across ethnic lines sensitively explained by the non-racists of Free Republic.


Victor said...


Yeah, good thing they're not racist or misogynistic, or that comment thread would be a hot mess!

Monty said...


Ten Bears said...

Your Jew/"Christian"/Muslim/Mormon (and India Indian) Cult of Male Domination. Mix thoroughly with Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on CNN/Fox Kool-Aid.

White-dogs actually smell the worst, has something to do with the shit they eat, I think, but I too like white women with light brown hair...

I think you folks are startin' to get it.

No fear.

Dark Avenger said...

Butyric acid is commonly found in meat and dairy products(it's basically the smell of rancid butter), and the greater amount of meat found in Caucasoid diets accounts for some of the smell, compared to other ethnic groups.

My noble spouse hails from the Philippines, and she has confirmed that many Caucasoid types don't take baths often enough to hide their stench.

aimai said...

Oh, bloody hell, I've lost my comment.

John Taylor said...

Steve, if you are trying to kick the hornet's nest again, i approve. The past few days have been mightily entertaining.

The New York Crank said...

>And when they pass gas, it doesn't smell like faeces. It smells like sandalwood incense.<

Please, somebody give me the recipe for sandalwood incense farts. We could bottle it and make a fortune.

Very crankily yours,
The New York Crank