Saturday, August 24, 2013


Bob Filner has finally resigned as mayor of San Diego -- but they're not happy over at Free Republic, because the president of the city council will become the interim mayor, and he's gay:
... {Filner's] replacement will be a gay man, making San Diego the nation's second-largest city to be led by an openly gay person....

According to the City Charter rules, City Council President Todd Gloria will become acting mayor when Filner, the city's first Democratic mayor in 20 years, leaves office Friday....
There doesn't seem to be much concern about this in San Diego:
Including Gloria, at least four of the potential candidates lining up to replace Filner are gay, including one Republican....

The reaction to these milestones in San Diego, where former Republican Gov. Pete Wilson was once mayor: meh. It's not even the first time it's happened in San Diego. The city briefly had an interim mayor who was gay in 2005 after then-Mayor Dick Murphy resigned in the middle of a financial crisis.
But at Free Republic, the conclusion is that one sexual deviant has been replaced by another:
I feel sorry for the children in this city who will probably become prey soon enough.




From pervert to pervert.


Because perverted sexual behavior is so important to San Diego politics that they'll elect a Sodomite.
They're trading a creep for a freak.


San Digaygo. Let’s play Musical Pervs.


You stay classy, San Diego.


When Princess Hillary or another lib woman becomes president, gay men will be labeled the ideal male. We will even have a cabinet full of them.


what makes ya think the cabinet ain't full of them now? we've got more dykes in obama's cabinet now than the netherlands.


'Gay' is such a forlorn misnomer. This is a life of utter misery with an isolated thrill or two in it.


so this is the reason for the stink

they wanted to get a fag into position
In answer to that last Freeper: Yeah, right -- this whole scandal was ginned up just so San Diego could have a gay mayor. No one cared at all about multiple acts of sexual harassment. It was just a big gay plot by the big gay mafia.


OH, AND: Wikipedia notes that Todd Gloria has described himself as
Basically half Native American (Tlight-Haida, an Alaskan tribe), a quarter Filipino and then a little bit of Dutch and Puerto Rican.
There's the new America, Freepers. Make yourselves at home.


Victor said...

Is there any way we can cement those rocks, to keep these icky and slimy creatures from crawling out from under them?

But I suppose nothing would keep hate-junkies, from hating!

Especially, the ones with some latency issues - which is, if not ALL of them, probably most of them.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't be happy unless they elected John Bolton's mustache as mayor, and even then some Freeper would demand the long form Birth Certificate.

Steve M. said...

You know that John Bolton is seriously considering a run for president, right?

Anonymous said...

On one hand, John Bolton's chances of becoming anything other than 2016's Mustache Hottie for Stache Magazine - the Gentleman's Magazine for the Hirsute Lipped, is minimal. And so he can keep dreaming because everyone needs a goal.

However, that it COULD happen? That someone else might consider it? God help us all.