Monday, August 19, 2013


This is an actual item from Michelle Malkin's Twitchy:
Mayor Bloomberg press conference displays seized weapons, lousy gun safety lesson [pic]

... At a press conference today, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced what he called the "largest gun seizure in the city’s history." The seized guns were displayed on tables at the press conference.

One of the primary rules of gun safety is "treat every weapon as if it were loaded," but even though plenty of weapons were on display today, that particular safety pointer was not:

That's right -- according to Malkin's crew, if evil gun-grabbers seize guns, it's dangerous for those guns to be pointed at an audience ... even when no one is touching them. Once guns are in the possession of evil gun-grabbers, they get gun-grabber germs on them and can fire themselves.

You know how gun fans always say that "guns don't kill people, people do"? Well, apparently, in this case, gun nuts believe that guns actually do kill people all by themselves.

And this belief isn't limited to Malkin and her crew -- I see here that Katie Pavlich of actually asked the cops about this...

... and got an appropriate response:

Right, Katie -- they're not loaded, and even if they were, no one is touching them.

Pavlich tweeted rules for gun safety:

Now, I would think that if you're not even touching the gun, then you've got #3 covered, and #1, #2, and #4 would kinda take care of themselves. But I'm just an evil gun-grabbing liberal, so what do I know?


El Caballo de Sangre said...

If I'm not mistaken, most guns in that "state" for lack of a better word, by which I mean confiscated by the police & then shown in public, have a ziptie threaded through the chamber so as to prevent them from being "loaded" no matter WHAT the attention to detail of whoever has handled the gun. I didn't zoom in ALL the way, but it looks to me like some of those guns are canted at an angle, & there are some funny blue spots, that suggest this is the case here. Maybe as a big-time blogger you can use your connections to verify, ha ha, I am not about to try & wangle a comment out of the NYPD as a resident of Columbus OH. Cheers :)

aimai said...

They just never give up.

Victor said...

As usual, if Malkin or her flock of flying monkey's has a point, it's on their heads.

aimai said...

I guess I have a question for these goons, after all. What are the penalties for improper gun use such as the ones they point to in their gunsite "rules?" That's right: there are no real legal penalties. Thanks to the gun nuts and the Supreme Court even shooting someone else through your own negligence, even allowing your own child to be killed through your own negligence, does not necessitate that you be stripped of your right to own or handle guns. So who cares if the NYPD failed to properly observe the list of rules for morons and irresponsible people because they displayed guns in a seemingly unsafe manner? The NRA has made it impossible to sanction them for it.

I'd also like to point out that the entire post by malkin et al reminds me of the magical thinking that so much of right wing thought seems to require. There are some magic, incantatory words that protect theg ood people, and threaten the bad ones. The NYPD failed to use their magical words so they can be excoriated. The reality, of course, is that they probably observed a more stringent protocol (the locking or disabling of the guns) to prevent accidents. But because something something something magical words weren't incanted they can be held to be at fault.

Meanwhile, when a toddler is shot by another toddler, the no true scotsman fallacy is applied and his parents are found not to be at fault because they intended to observe these rules.

Ten Bears said...

I carry a revolver - a little .38 blue stain snub nose Tauras - pretty much everyday, with five rounds - two snake shot on top and three hollow points with crosses carved into the "top" - and the hammer on an empty cylinder. Wouldn't want to shoot myself in the leg, or a horse out from under me. What I've seen of this, yes, common sense gun safety rules were... ignored, for lack of a better term. But it isn't exclusive to NYC as this same scenario is being played out in major cities across the country (even here on Oregon, where even the hippies are well armed) in pretty much the same tableau.

No fear.

Dark Avenger said...

That's a old Chinese tong trick, having an empty chamber so you don't use the revolver prematurely.

I'm surprised that Malkins' crew are able to use the bathroom without supervision.

Luigi said...

Go to a Huge Flea Market in Hartville, Ohio a few times a year. This year, more gun nuts and booths in attendance (because "Free-dum!"). Number of assholes site their rifles at crowd passing by. Yours truly yells at assholes.

Guess who gets in trouble?

Lawrence said...

"Keep firing, Assholes!"

Ten Bears said...

Perhaps. I learned punchin' cattle in the sixties. I'm a firm believer in shooting the rattlesnake before it spooks m'horse, because I neverr bought into that line of horse-shit (pun intended) that once the horse is spooked you can draw your pistol and shoot it before it kicks your head in.

I've shot a few snakes, before they spooked m'horse. The two rounds snake shot over three dumdums isn't for reptiles (depending on how you look at it).

No fear.

Ten Bears said...

The two rounds snake shot over three dumdums isn't for reptiles (depending on how you look at it). Some of us shoot back.

No fear... got nothin' left to lose.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Number 1 is not a rule but a stupidity. Lists like this are made for, and often by, stupid people.

The actual safety rule is to handle guns always as if they were loaded, however convinced you may be they are not. You don't want a nasty surprise, eh?