Saturday, August 17, 2013


It looks as if the Republican National Committee boycott of NBC and CNN for 2016 preidential debates has scared off Fox:
The tantalizing spectacle of Fox Television Studios producing a Hillary Clinton miniseries for NBC has been canceled, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

It was reported last week that Fox, also the home of the cable news channel with conservative-leaning programs, might produce the planned four-hour miniseries....

But a source at Fox says the negotiation fell apart....
The report says that the deal fell apart "over deal points more than any potential fallout." Yeah, maybe, maybe not.

NBC Says Hillary Clinton Miniseries Might Never Go To Production

NBC began to circle the wagons on its Hillary Clinton miniseries this afternoon, hours after the Republican National Committee blocked the network from GOP primary debates, calling the miniseries a Clinton promo. "The Hillary Clinton movie has not been ordered to production, only a script is being written at this time," NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt said this afternoon in a statement. "It is 'in development', the first stage of any television series or movie, many of which never go to production. Speculation, demands, and declarations pertaining to something that isn't created or produced yet seem premature," he added....
We can laugh all we want at the extremism of the GOP in making threats like this, but this one seems to be working. My guess is that NBC will soon announce that the movie has been shelved, and CNN will follow suit sooner or later.

But I wonder if that will be enough to undo this week's RNC vote.

Establishment Republicans want to reduce the number of debates as a way of limiting the opportunity for candidates to say things that alienate general-election swing voters. Hotheads in the party just hate all non-wingnut media outlets. And this boycott seemed like an easy way for the GOP establishment to mollify the zealots, who clearly terrify them.

But the zealots will still hate CNN and NBC if these movies are never made. And the establishment Republicans will still want to limit the number of debates.

So I wonder if they're going to come up with another excuse to keep the debates off CNN and NBC (and ABC and CBS and PBS) -- anger about the choice of debate moderators, perhaps.

We can laugh at the GOP because it's extreme, but we shouldn't forget that the mainstream press is craven. I can easily imagine NBC or CNN or one of the other mainstream outlets agreeing to hand over the moderator's chair to Sean Hannity or Hugh Hewitt or Michelle Malkin. (I say go all the way and pick an all-star panel of Victoria Jackson, Ted Nugent, Charlie Daniels, and Dennis Miller.) Though that still won't achieve the GOP establishment to limit the debating.

Maybe the compromise will be that a mainstream outlet can have a debate, but it will have to be focused on abstruse points in the works of Rand, Hayek, and other right-wing economic deities. That way no one except the wingnuts will watch (the GOP establishment's wish) and the debate will be pure (the zealots' wish). I'm not sure who'd wind up moderating that one -- Amity Shlaes? Glenn Beck? But it might be the best way to satisfy everyone.


Victor said...

And maybe in one of the debates David Barton can lead them all in a discussion about how the Founding Fathers were all faithful Dominionist Evangelicals - and that that whole separation of church and state thingie was all one big "WHOOOPSIE!!!" by the people who published the first US Constitution!

Ten Bears said...

Primary debates are clown shows. Twil be interesting to see the response to such demards ore an actual, "Presidental" election year debate.

If the cowards would do that at all.

No fear.

Unknown said...

You know, at first I thought it was funny, having (say) Gohmert moderate the debates. Also, I assumed that the RNC was blackmailing the networks because of their fear of Hillary Clinton. But now I'm not so sure. If Kilgore is right, they really don't want anyone to see a debate at all. I can't imagine how they think this will help their cause. Maybe they've decided to go full-on black ops, massive voter fraud, blackmail, whatever, rather than present their arguments to America. Maybe they can have the debate at Ft. Sumter.

aimai said...

As for the Hillary Movies, I think Hillary dodged a bullet there--no candidate wants something to come out over which they don't have directorial control. The campaign would far, far, far, prefer to draw on their deep hollywood pockets to redo the success of "A Man Called Hope" than to let anyone with a scriptwriter and some advertising revenue dig up all the salacious details of the clinton's past. And you know that whoever did the film would be accused either of prettying it up or covering it up--or ignored if it didn't get ugly.

There is also zero market for a hagiographic movie about an older woman. I am not holding my breath about a retro about Nancy Pelosi, for christ's sake--14 year old boys wouldn't want to see it.

Steve M. said...

Maybe they've decided to go full-on black ops, massive voter fraud, blackmail, whatever, rather than present their arguments to America.

I think that's pretty close to the truth. I think they think they have the unswerving loyalty of suburban, exurban, and rural whites over 40, and if they can just suppress the vote of everyone else, they can get to 50.1%, and then they can do whatever they want.

Danp said...

I can't imagine CNN and NBC doing a fluff piece on Hillary. In either case, I wouldn't watch it. But Republicans will use any excuse not to be asked hard questions like "what three departments would you eliminate?"

Steve M. said...

There is also zero market for a hagiographic movie about an older woman.

Well, The Queen did OK.

aimai said...

Yeah, the QUEEN, plus it was a retro for someone whose political importance has diminished. And you know something else? The royals really didn't like the attention.

Glennis said...

As for the Hillary Movies, I think Hillary dodged a bullet there

Honestly, I think it doesn't affect her one way or the other, in the long run. There's been so much "team politics" about this from the Republican side, when, really, Hillary doesn't need a TV movie about her to be a successful candidate. Once again, they're aligning themselves on symbolic issues.

Ten Bears said...

"Yeah... someone whose political importance has diminished."

She's not going going to run. Get over it.

No fear.