Sunday, August 18, 2013


... Or both of the above. Here's the story from Todd Starnes of Fox News:
All hell is breaking loose in Egypt and all President Obama is interested in doing is riding his bicycle and playing golf, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told me.

"It's sad for America," Palin said, calling the president's handling of the crisis dithering. "Literally all hell seems to be breaking loose and President Obama is in Martha's Vineyard having a gay old time, riding his bike, partying it up."
"A gay old time"? She's obviously quoting the Flintstones theme, but I think she's also questioning the president's manhood. If so, it's not the first time. Recall this from 2010:
Sarah Palin was on Fox News Sunday Recently when she was asked about Arizona and the immigration controversy. She choose to question the President's manhood. Palin said, "[Governor] Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president does not have. If our own president will not enforce our federal law, more power to Jan Brewer."
It's quite conceivable that Palin spends time in the wingnut fever swamps where it's considered an established fact that the president is gay, having been romantically involved with "body man" Reggie Love and/or actor Kal Penn. This idea has been winked at on Fox News as well. So why wouldn't Palin believe it?


More from that Todd Starnes story:
Palin said it's time for the president to pull all funding from Egypt until the violence stops.

"Until there is a crackdown on this atrocious violence, they should not be receiving aid or weaponry," she said. "We are contributing to the deadly chaos that is going to lead to even more hell breaking loose."...

"It's sad for our allies and sad for anyone who believes that America can still exert some positive influence for good in this world without unnecessary intervention," she said....
"It's sad for our allies"? You know what U.S. ally Sarah Palin just absolutely loves? Israel. Sarah Palin once said on Fox,
"I stand strong with Israel and unapologetically I say that America should keep this strong democratic ally that we have there in the Middle East and allow for protections around Israel."
A year later she wrote on Facebook:
We stand with Israel and Netanyahu's strength that he wisely uses to protect his country.
She said during the 2008 campaign that the only flag in her office is an Israeli flag. During a 2011 trip to Israel, she said there are flags of Israel "on my desk, in my home, all over the place." She wore a Star of David around her neck on that Israeli trip. A year earlier, she attended a tea party convention wearing a lapel pin with two flags -- those of Israel and the United States.

Do you think she has any idea what Israel's position on the Egyptian crackdown is?
The Israelis, whose military had close ties to General Sisi from his former post as head of military intelligence, were supporting the [Egyptian military] takeover as well. Western diplomats say that General Sisi and his circle appeared to be in heavy communication with Israeli colleagues, and the diplomats believed the Israelis were also undercutting the Western message by reassuring the Egyptians not to worry about American threats to cut off aid.

Israeli officials deny having reassured Egypt about the aid, but acknowledge having lobbied Washington to protect it.

When Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, proposed an amendment halting military aid to Egypt, the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee sent a letter to senators on July 31 opposing it, saying it "could increase instability in Egypt and undermine important U.S. interests and negatively impact our Israeli ally." Statements from influential lawmakers echoed the letter, and the Senate defeated the measure, 86 to 13, later that day.
I'm sure Palin doesn't have a clue.


UPDATE: And this coincides with...
Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, one of Sarah Palin's earliest and most emphatic supporters in 2008, is once again promoting her cause, this time claiming during an online Q&A with ABC that Palin could "resurrect herself" ...
Or resurrect something -- right, Bill?


bjkeefe said...


Jim Norris said...

Is this the same Sarah Palin who loved to decorate her half-term governor's office with American and Israeli flags, neglecting the flag of the close US ally who happens to be the only nation actually sharing a border with the state of Alaska?

Victor said...

"Do you think she has any idea..."

You could have stopped yourself the effort of typing those letters.

The SATSQ is: "No."

Whatever the rest of the question may be, the SATSQ, is always, "No."

'The Whore of Babblin'-on,' wouldn't know Shinola, from poop that came out of her own arsehole.

And Wilma Kristol - STFU ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
You've done enough damage bringing this Alpine valley girl into the limelight - which she refuses to leave.

Nefer said...

"All hell is breaking loose in Egypt and all President Obama is interested in doing is riding his bicycle and playing golf, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told me."
Sure, because the Alaskan dipshit is privy to what the President's interests are on any issue.

And goodness knows (although not idiot Palin) 21st century communications are readily available to vacationing Presidents.

Go back to your facebook bunker, snowferbrains.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's nothing wrong in her being pro-Israeli. It is a lot more sensible than being pro-Muslim Brotherhood, like your President, given that all of them hate the USA.

As for Obama being homosexual I'm sure it's a scurrilous tale put about by his political enemies, er, just like you lot do to any Republican who shows above the parapet, but even so, someone should tell him not to do that limp-wristed trot down aircraft steps that he goes in for, it looks, er, limp!.

Steve M. said...

Well, there's nothing wrong in her being pro-Israeli.

She's pro-Israel but she apparently doesn't have a clue that the Israeli government supports continuing the military aid.

As I explicitly stated.

Remedial reading classes, Duff -- look into them.

Ten Bears said...

And come up with something you didn't cut and paste from the I Hate Hillary Inc. website.

No fear.

Glennis said...

Well, there's nothing wrong in her being pro-Israeli. It is a lot more sensible than being pro-Muslim Brotherhood,

Palin, by calling for a "crackdown" on the Egyptian government is speaking in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of former president Morsi.

Of course, she's too stupid to get that. And so, apparently, is duffandnonsense.

Ten Bears said...

You sure know a lot about fags, duff, how is that?

Israel is a Terrorist State. The Mother of All Terrorist States. An utterly foreign occupier perpetrating an Americal Taxpayer financed and morally sanctioned genocide upon the indigenous descendants of the biblical "Hebrew". It has no "right" to exist, and this world will never know Peace until it does not.

No fear.

Anonymous said...

I was defending her support for Israel, not her policy towards Egypt which, as stated above, is silly but no sillier than your President's who seems to positively want the Muslim Brotherhood to win! Given their hatred for all things American how dumb is that?

There are only three clear American objectives to pursue in Egypt:
1: Keep the canal open
2: Keep the Israeli/Egyptian peace going
3: Keep the Muslim Brotherhood out.

Therefore, support the Egyptian Generals even if they are a corrupt bunch of thugs.

Ten Bears, you really must try not to keep breathing through your mouth, it makes you dribble!

Ten Bears said...

Did I hurt your widdle feelings? Faggot.

You want to step outside?

No fear.

Steve M. said...

Therefore, support the Egyptian Generals even if they are a corrupt bunch of thugs.

So, Duff, you're attacking Obama for, at this moment, pursuing the policy you endorse. And you're defending Palin for doing the opposite of what you endorse.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me...

Ottercliff said...

When you ask a question about Sarah Palin that starts with "Does she have any idea..." the answer is almost certainly no.

merlallen said...

Riding his bicycle? I think the idiot got Obama mixed up with chickenGeorge Bush.

Anonymous said...

No, Steve, your president is threatening the Generals by cancelling a military exercise and hinting strongly that US aid will be curtailed unless they play nicely-nicely with the Muslim Brotherhood. His stance during his entire presidency has been to bend over backwards to avoid being nasty to Islamists. Needless to say, because it's screamingly obvious, the Islamists do nothing in return except stoke up even greater hatred for all things American [see Iran, passim]. It's sometimes difficult to know exactly who your friends are but recognising your enemies should be do-able for this, er, former college lecturer president you have.

Steve M. said...

Oh, so Obama's being a tough guy? Well, you'd better have a talk with your right-wing co-religionists in the U.S. media, who have exactly the opposite opinion.

Dark Avenger said...

Duff, you've already shot off your big toe, I suggest you stop before you do any damage to the remaining four.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, so Obama's being a tough guy?"

No, no, Steve, not even his best friends could call him tough, although he did manage a rather good sulk with 'Vlad the Impaler'!

DA, yes, back in the day I was quite capable of shooting off my own toe. As my weapons instructor put it, "You couldn't hit a fucking barn, Duff, even if you were in it!"

Steve M. said...

Trying to grasp your point is like trying to nail mercury to a wall. You could just boil it down to "Obama sucks" and stop wasting so much of our time.

Bill589 said...

The ‘quality’ of SP’s governorship is worth terms and terms as governor. She successfully prosecuted the corrupt politicians, their capitalist cronies, cut waste, and set up a much more efficient government. More than any other current governor no matter how long they’ve held the office.

Would Kristol, or a real constitutional conservative, rather elect as POTUS a governor who did none of those things but completed many terms? Status quo in DC means we the people lose, the DC elite win.

Dark Avenger said...

The problem is that her appeal to the general public peaked 5 years ago, and except for a few fools like Bill Kristol, nobody gives her a serious chance at winning the Republican nomination, let alone winning in a general election.

Keep dreaming, Bill589, someday one of your dreams will come true!

Ten Bears said...

Whatever you're smokin'... I want some. She had nowhere near the time - the "I fucked a black basketball star in college" bimbo quit about twenty before the cops were to slap the cuffs for... corruption, and about after she executive fiat declared herself above prosecution - to do as you claim.

And then there's that Bridge to Nowhere.

You're as full of shit as an xmas bird.

No fear.

Unknown said...

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