Wednesday, August 28, 2013




Victor said...

I've always wanted to know, who is this, "some?"
Is it Mr. Some?
Ms. Some?
Mrs. Some?

I'm sure "some" people eat their feces?

And there's a whole lot of "some" people who believe what they see and hear on FOX "News."
It's "some" people, because, though there a lot of them, it's not a plurality.

Oh, why bother...

Glennis said...

Well, thank goodness now there's no problem with that jungle-beat rhythm and blues!

Mart said...

50 years later some see botox and bleached blonds as the problems.

Victor said...

I wish this site had a "like" button, because I would have worked myself into a frenzy if it let me vote more than once.

UNCLE STEVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Examinator said...

the link between The 50th anniversary and violent (aggressive antisocial behaviour) is there but not in the way POX news portray it.
It's the fact that 50years later a large portion of the American people are still mired in Racial and economic Bigotry.
And the active good will of the 60's whites has gone MIA having been distracted by the shiney 'aspirational "squirrel!" fantasy'.

Fact: Cultural music tends to reflect the mood/ reality of its musicians.(see the 60's 'test songs)
The blacks, Hispanics even women feel the dis-equity and rage.
The rich, righties had better all look out.
Notwithstanding I'm sure the media in question can't see beyond the rage ... their response is the same as the out of touch French Royalty before the French Revolution to being told the peasants had no bread "let them eat cake"... answer "but YOU have all the Cake!"

Ten Bears said...

EYup - purty little Botoxed, nipped and tucked bleach blondes who spread their legs every seventeen minute for a drugged and drooling audience of balding pink skinned fat asses, fat bellies, fat chins sprawled across a "couch" out of the back of a nineteen sixty nine Chevy Suburban.

No fear.

Examinator said...

True for some but I was referring to the 60's Democrats who have gotten fat, selfish and indifferent to the plight of others.Those who leave the work up to 'someone else' but he/she died of overwork and unreasonable expectations. Those people that watch the Fox channels not considering the consequences ( rating= advertising $$$) change the first and you'll drag away the latter.
No surprise, I don't watch Fox anything.