Tuesday, December 11, 2012

(updated several times)

The Michigan House has now given final approval to the state's right-to-work law, which awaits Governor Rick Snyder's signature. Opponents of the bill have responded with huge protests.

Fox News troll Steven Crowder is on the scene, and -- omigod! -- he claims he was savagely brutalized:

And you know he's not lying because he's grievously wounded:

Seriously, dude? That's your evidence of savagery? I got a worse cut than that over the weekend trying to take the lid off a tomato can so I could recycle it. (Truth!)

Oh, wait -- he's also claiming he suffered a chipped tooth:

Really? Your political opponents caused that gap in your teeth? The one that looks exactly like the gap you had in your teeth in this picture Fox Nation ran two years ago?

Oh, and (as noted in the Crowder tweet above) the wingers are upset that "union thugs" took down an Americans for Prosperity tent:

Gosh, I certainly hope those poor, struggling Koch brothers can afford a new one....

(Via Michelle Malkin's Twitter House o' Hysteria, aka Twitchy.)


UPDATE: AFP posts a video clip (from Fox News, naturally) under the headline "Brutality & Violence from Union Protestors, AFP Activists Trampled On." Do you see any brutality in this clip? And no trampling, either; there's a description of the trampling of the tent, but no one claims any people were trampled.

ALSO, TOO: Wingers are upset that a Democratic legislator in Michigan said "there will be blood" in response to this right-to-work drive (full quote: "We are about to undue 100 years of [labor progress]. There will be blood on the streets"). But Scott Hagerstrom of AFP-Michigan said in a speech a month ago,
We fight these battles on taxes and regulation but really what we would like to see is to take the unions out at the knees so they don't have the resources to fight these battles.
"There will be blood" vs. "take the unions out at the knees"? We even now?


Well, there's Crowder's martyr moment: toward the end of this, a guy goes after Crowder. Then, later another guy grabs him. People -- union thugs! -- step in to break things up each time:

At the end, he seems pretty damn pleased that it happened.


OH, BLOODY HELL: You're joking, right?

No, he's not joking. See the first embedded video to assess how ridiculous this is. (Self-righteously retweeted by Glenn Reynolds, of course.)


UPDATE: Emptywheel expresses deep skepticism about the right's version of these events.


Victor said...

Well, FOX's entire mission is to make mountains out of molehills.

Every person who looks at one of their reporters is a 'Union thug' with a killer's glare, set on random acts of extreme violence.

And only FOX can save them, when they watch them 'report,' so they can 'decide' - that FOX and the Republican Party are right, that all of the Niggrah's are uppity Welfare Queens, all of the Sp*ks lazy moochers, all of the women shrill, demanding ball-busters, all of the Gays ruining heterosexual marriage, all of the Muslims determined to bring Sharia Law to the Jesus's USA, and all of the Godless Atheists devoted to ruining Christmas for the kiddies with their secular brand of evil.

Did I miss anyone?

Never Ben Better said...

Don't forget the pointy-headed intellectual secular humanists bent on destroying America by jamming their atheist liberal propaganda down the throats of innocent God-fearing children.

repsac3 said...

Quick!! More pearls to clutch for these swine, and fainting couches for one and all...

Roger said...

You were injured by can of tomatoes, undoubtedly harvested by the United Farm Worker thugs, during an act of eco-terrorism?

We want pics.